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College-Wide Initiative on Anti-Racism

Meredith College is working to cultivate an inclusive and pluralistic campus environment where diverse identities are welcomed into our living, 学习, and working community. The anti-racism initiative reflects our commitment to strength, 完整性, and the power of education to bring about real and lasting change across Meredith’s campus.


Rosemary Vega Escutia, ’23, is taking the lessons she learned at Meredith College into her own classroom. As an Early College High School graduate, she completed majors in Spanish and Psychology along with K-12 licensure in just three years. She also made time to study abroad in Costa Rica and to hold a variety of leadership positions in student organizations.

Itzel祖尼加, ’23, came to Meredith as a dual-enrolled student, having attended Bladen 社区 College. As an interior design major at Meredith, she has built a strong community of friends and colleagues who have helped her succeed.

As someone who loves a challenge, Taylor Keyes, ’19, finds her work as a lab research technician for Duke Health to be both purposeful and fulfilling. Meredith helped Taylor connect her strengths in problem-solving to a career in vaccine research.

Meredith 新闻

In May 2021, Meredith College received a grant from the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations to support Cultivating Equitable and Inclusive Pedagogical Practices in STEM Higher Education, a project that aims to create fully inclusive and equity-based STEM programs at Meredith. Project researchers have an update on the project findings. 

16年来, Meredith College has awarded the 女校友 Legacy Scholarship, the College’s most prestigious, full-ride scholarship, to strong women looking for a top-notch education. 现在,一个s the Meredith Full-Ride Merit Scholarship, it retains its original intent of bringing exceptional scholars and leaders to Meredith’s campus and preparing them for lives of impact and distinction.

Meredith College hosted an event for Project Plasma on October 4, in observance of International Plasma Awareness Week 2023. Approximately 120 Meredith faculty, 工作人员, and students attended the fair, where they learned facts about plasma and the importance of plasma donation. Participants were also able to share their reasons for donating.

When a new historical marker was unveiled in downtown Raleigh on September 22, 2023, a group of Meredith College students, 女校友, and faculty were on hand to celebrate. The new marker, which now stands near the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, commemorates the women mathematicians who worked as “human computers” for the U.S. space program and military. Meredith College 女校友 are among the women whose work is recognized with this new marker.